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About Hill Tribe Silver :

What is Special About Hill Tribe Silver : Caring For Hill Tribe Silver :
The Hill Tribe silver used in Trinity London's designs is made of .999 pure silver. Although there are several hill tribe ethnic groups, Trinity London uses only Hill Tribe silver that has been individually handcrafted by Karen Hill Tribe artisans. In order to maintain the natural feel and coloring of these beautiful pieces, lime juice can be used for cleaning the silver.

About the Karen Hill Tribe :
The Karen Hill Tribe is located in the mountainous forests of northwest Thailand. By far the largest of the hill tribes, over 400,000 tribe members live in this region with a history dating back to the 12th century. This village lives a largely traditional lifestyle with no electricity. Villagers live in teak and bamboo homes built on stilts with their livestock living underneath. The population is sustained through self-sufficient agricultural methods. For the most part, this area has not opened up to the tourist industry.