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African turquoise About African Turquoise

Where African Turquoise is Found :

Color of African Turquoise :

As the name implies, African turquoise originates in Africa. African turquoise is more teal green than the traditional blue turquoise.

Birthstone :

Anniversary :

African turquoise is considered the mystical birthstone for October and an astrological birthstone for Aries. African turquoise is not considered an anniversary gemstone.

Fun Fact :

African turquoise is actually a type of spotted teal jasper rather than turquoise.

Healing Properties of African Turquoise :

  • reduces headaches

More Resources About African Turquoise :

Mystical Properties of African Turquoise :

  • attracts money to the wearer
  • offers protection from accidents while traveling
  • encourages self trust
  • allows the wearer to express themselves more clearly