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About Cherry Quartz (sometimes called Strawberry Quartz) :

Where Cherry Quartz is Found :

Color of Cherry Quartz :

In a glass-maker's furnace. Cherry quartz has a colorless base with pale pink and darker pink swirls throughout.

Birthstone :

Anniversary :

Cherry quartz is not a birthstone. Cherry quartz is not an anniversary gemstone.

Fun Facts about Cherry Quartz :

  • For years, jewelry makers were led to believe that cherry quartz was a naturally occurring gemstone. It turns out that this pretty pink "gemstone" is in fact not naturally occurring at all. It is simply glass that was made to look like a gemstone.
  • Although the terms cherry quartz and strawberry quartz are often used interchangeable in the jewelry trade, there is a natural gemstone called strawberry quartz, but it is very rare. The vast majority of items sold as strawberry quartz, are in fact the man-made glass "gemstone."

Healing Properties of Cherry Quartz :

  • since cherry quartz is actually glass, it has no known associated healing properties

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Mystical Properties of Cherry Quartz :

  • As mentioned before, cherry quartz is not actually a quartz at all but is actually glass. Some believe that glass has no mystical properties at all, believing its only power comes from the color, rather than the glass itself.
  • However, some spirtualists believe glass aids with concentration and healing.