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Where Coral is Found :

Color of Coral :

Coral is found in clear, warm ocean waters, mainly in Australia, Malaysia, Japan, the West Indies, on the African and Mediterranean coasts, and around Hawaii and Florida in the United States. Coral can range in color from white to black and every shade in between.

Birthstone :

Anniversary :

Blood coral is the astrological birthstone for Taurus. Coral is also considered to be one of the birthstones for Scorpio. Coral is the anniversary gemstone for the 35th year of marriage.

Fun Fact :

  • Coral was once believed to protect against bleeding, evil spirits, and even hurricanes.

History of Coral :

  • Black coral was adopted as the state gemstone of Hawaii in 1987. These beautiful corals grow in Hawaii's offshore waters.
  • Agatized coral was adopted by Florida as the official state stone in 1979.

More Resources About Coral :

Healing Properties of Coral :

  • promotes general well-being
  • assists with blood and circulatory issues such as anemia
  • helps those suffering from kidney and bladder conditions, respiratory problems, colic, whooping cough, eye problems, bone and bone marrow ailments, and even epilepsy

Mystical Properties of Coral :

  • can be used to reconnect with the wonders of nature as coral is a perfect example of plant and animal life coexisting in harmony
  • build an emotional foundation and attract love–especially red coral which is considered a stone of passion
  • parts of the world still believe that coral has the ability to ward off evil thoughts and evil spirits
  • Coral is a protective charm, particularly for children. In many countries, red coral necklaces are given as a gift to small children.
  • brings out creativity and optimism
  • soothes fears and tensions
  • helps people live together in more positive ways
  • enhances our sense of purpose, strength, and inner peace
  • gives wisdom
  • eases symptoms of mental illness

Coral in Religion :

  • Coral is one of the seven treasures mentioned in Buddhist scriptures.

Caring for Coral Jewelry :

  • Coral should be protected from scratches and sharp blows as it is fragile.
  • Large temperature changes (like leaving your coral jewelry in a hot car) should be avoided.
  • Coral should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.