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amethyst About Crazy Lace Agate (also known as Mexican Agate or Mexican Lace Agate)

Where Crazy Lace Agate is Found :

Appearance of Crazy Lace Agate:

As the alternative name Mexican agate suggests, crazy lace agate is found in Mexico. Crazy lace agate has a pale cream base that is mottled with a patchwork of colors including rust, gray, and green.

Birthstone :

Anniversary :

Crazy lace agate is a birthstone for May. It is also considered the astrological birthstone for Gemini. Crazy lace agate is not an anniversary gemstone.

Fun Fact :

  • In ancient times, agate was worn to curry the favor of the gods.

More Resources About Crazy Lace Agate :

Healing Properties of Crazy Lace Agate :

  • helps cure skin diseases
  • aids with blood disorders
  • helps to heal intestinal problems
  • provides relief from allergies

Mystical Properties of Crazy Lace Agate :

  • relieves insomnia
  • brings pleasant dreams
  • bolsters courage
  • good for meditation
  • enhances fertility
  • restores energy
  • increases physical strength
  • improves self-esteem
  • a calming stone that helps to sooth dysfunctional tendencies like jealousy
  • brings good luck
  • good for general protection
  • eases stress
  • increases longevity
  • brings balance to emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being
  • enhances creativity
  • strengthens concentration and increases the intellect encourages honesty
  • aids with gardening and farming by increasing the health and fertility of plants