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howlite About Howlite :

Where Howlite is Found :

Color of Howlite :

This silicate mineral was originally found in Nova Scotia, but deposits of it have since been discovered in California as well. Howlite is white with thin streaks of grey or black.

Birthstone :

Anniversary :

Howlite is the astrological birthstone for Gemini. Howlite is not an anniversary gemstone.

Fun Facts About Howlite :

  • This porous stone easily accepts dyes, so it is sometimes colored and sold as turquoise.
  • It is also occasionally colored to resemble lapis lazuli and red coral.

History of Howlite :

  • Howlite was named for the Canadian Geologist who discovered it in the 19th century, Henry How.

Healing Properties of Howlite :

  • aids healing of the bone structure and teeth

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Mystical Properties of Howlite :

  • improves knowledge and memory
  • has a calming influence which can aid in communications
  • helps with meditation
  • decreases character flaws such as rudeness, selfishness, and the tendency to be overly critical
  • promotes truthfulness, inner strength, and good moral character
  • helps focus new ideas and inspire action based upon those ideas