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Jewelry Cleaning and Care:



Coral should be protected from scratches and sharp blows as it is fragile. Large temperature changes (like leaving your coral jewelry in a hot car) should also be avoided. Coral should not be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.


Malachite is a fragile stone which is always coated in a protective polish. This gemstone should not be cleaned in a home ultrasonic cleaner because water will wash off the protective finish. Always protect your malachite jewelry from sharp blows and scratches as well as severe temperature changes such as leaving it in a hot car or near a heating vent.


Moonstones can be easily scratched so they should be handled carefully. However, small damages can usually be corrected by a jeweler's polishing.


Pearls strung on silk should always be stored flat to prevent the silk from stretching. Because pearls are more delicate than most gemstones, they should be stored away from other jewelry to prevent them from scratching. Freshwater pearls are sensitive to humidity, dryness, and acids so perfume and cosmetics should always be put on prior to putting on pearl jewelry.

Most jewelry cleaners are too harsh for freshwater pearls. To keep them clean, they should be wiped with a dry, lint-free cloth before being stored. If needed, they can be cleaned with warm soapy water, but getting water in the drilled holes can cause the pearls to discolor. Dry them flat on a soft, absorbent towel.

Freshwater pearls should be stored in a dry environment. They should not be stored in plastic bags because moisture can be trapped and cause damage.


Hill Tribe Silver

As a natural alternative to cleaning solutions, lime juice can be used to clean the silver while maintaining the coloring of these beautiful pieces.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum

To remove tarnish and polish your gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, a polishing cloth can be used. It should not be used on 24 karat gold, ivory, pearls, opals, coral, lapis, malachite, or other porous stones.

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