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About Lapis Lazuli :

Where Lapis is Found : Color of Lapis :
Lapis was first found in Afghanistan, but it can also be found in Argentina, Canada, Chile, Italy, the former USSR, Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the United States. Lapis is a beautiful dark blue gemstone that sometimes shows with white spots of calcite. Lapis Lazuli often has flecks of pyrite which look like gold.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Lapis can be used as the December birthstone. It is also considered the astrological birthstone for Libra and a planetary stone for Capricorn. Lapis Lazuli is the anniversary gemstone for the 7th and 9th year of marriage.

History of Lapis :
The name lapis lazuli comes from the Latin, lapis, meaning stone, and from the Arabic, azul, which means blue. Lapis is thought by many to be the stone upon which the Ten Commandments were carved. Lapis was called "the stone of Heaven" by ancient Egyptians. Lapis lazuli was once used as a cure for fevers and melancholy. Lapis was prized in both Babylonia and Egypt, and it was often worn by royalty. Lapis was one of the stones inlaid in the mask of King Tutankhamen. Ancient Sumerians believed the spirit of their gods lived within lapis lazuli. It was once believed that lapis lazuli could protect the wearer from evil. Lapis was introduced to Eurpoe by Alexander the Great. In ancient Egypt, lapis was powdered and worn around the eyes to improve eyesight.

Lapis lazuli was pulverized and added to a mixture of binding agents to create the ultramarine paint used in manyt of the works by the aristic masters of Europe during the Middle Ages. Many portraits of the Virgin Mary from this period display the splendor of the paint created using lapis lazuli. This method of creating blue from lapis is still sometimes applied for renovations and restorations of historical masterpieces.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Lapis :
Some believe that lapis can help expand the wearer's viewpoint as well as increasing awareness and spiritual love and evolvement. Some spiritualists believe that lapis lazuli will help to cut through superficialities to aquire truth and wisdom. Some people think lapis can bring about harmony in relationships and enhance love and fidelity within a marriage. Some think lapis will build self-confidence and self-awareness and allow the wearer to be open and truthful.

Physically, some claim lapis lazuli can be helpful with sinus ailments, aid with fevers and sore throats, protect against strokes, improve the eyesight, ease inflammations, help the heart and spleen, and even prevent fits from epilepsy.