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About Leopard Skin Jasper

Where Leopard Skin Jasper is Found : Color of Leopard Skin Jasper :
Leopard skin jasper is found in Mexico. Leopard Skin Jasper is usually tan with colored spots in brown, black, grey, olive green, and even pinks or reds.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Leopard skin jasper is associated with the star sign Gemini. Leopard skin jasper is not considered an anniversary gemstone.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Leopard Skin Jasper :
Leopard skin jasper is known as a stone of global awareness, reminding the wearer of one's connection with nature. Many spiritualists believe that leopard skin jasper is a powerful stone for attracting what the wearer needs - whether it be physical or emotional. This gemstone is also believed by some to aid with creativity and visualization. Some also think it can help the wearer accept responsibilities, bring harmony, and ward off people who would bring disaccord.

Leopard skin jasper is also considered by many spiritualists to be a healing stone. It is believed to help heal whatever physical ailments the wearer may have. It is also believed by some to specifically aid with strengthening the thighs and spine, and keep regulatory organs and glands (such as the brain, heart, thyroid, etc.) functioning properly. Some also feel leopard skin jasper is useful for eliminating toxins from the body.