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About Mahogany Obsidian :

Where Mahogany Obsidian is Found : Color of Mahogany Obsidian :
As with all varieties of obsidian, mahogany obsidian is a natural volcanic glass, and as such, it can be found in areas with volcanic activity including Afghanistan, Japan, Mexico, South America, and parts of the western United States. Mahogany obsidian is a deep reddish-brown with black inclusions. The distinctive coloring comes from high concentrations of iron.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Mahogany obsidian is not considered a birthstone. Mahogany obsidian is not considered an anniversary gemstone.

History of Mahogany Obsidian :
Nearly all of the sources for mahogany obsidian in the United States were discovered by Native Americans. They used this beautiful gemstone for fashioning arrowheads, spears, and knives. Because each source of obsidian contains trace elements unique to that area, the source of each artifact can be identified, teaching us that these artifacts made from obsidian were once transported hundreds of miles over various ancient trade routes. The Incan people used mahogany obsidian to create masks, mirrors, and weapons. Ancient Greeks associated obsidian with Pluto, the god of the underworld and keeper of hidden treasures. This gemstone was even used in the stone age for weapons.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Mahogany Obsidian :
Many spiritualists believe mahogany obsidian is a stone of strength - giving the wearer the ability to follow one's own convictions even in the face of adversity and bringing strength in times of need. A stone of reflection, this form of obsidian is said to help with inner reflection, mirroring our flaws while bringing self-acceptance, helping with decision making, and allowing us to make significant change in difficult areas of our lives. This gemstone is also believed by some to relieve tension.

Physically, many spiritualists believe mahogany obsidian can heal gums and improve circulation. This stone is also thought be some to increase sensuality - particularly with the sense of touch.