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About Picture Jasper

Where Picture Jasper is Found : Color of Picture Jasper :
Picture Jasper is found in Algeria, Angola, Asia, China, Germany, Peru, as well as Idaho and Oregon within the United States. Picture jasper is normally a creamy sand color with many dark lines and unusual markings, although some varieties also include brick reds and mossy greens.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Picture jasper is not considered a birthstone. Picture jasper is not considered an anniversary gemstone.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Picture Jasper :
Probably due to bearing the appearance of a miniature landscape, picture jasper is believed to enhance the relationship between humans and nature, promoting global awareness and a desire to protect the planet. Some also believe that picture jasper will bring a sense of being grounded and self-awareness. Picture Jasper is also used by some to recall earlier memories, glean hidden messages from the past, and to bring forth hidden hopes, thoughts, and fears.