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About Poppy Jasper (also known as Brecciated Jasper):

Where Poppy Jasper is Found : Color of Poppy Jasper :
Poppy Jasper is found in two places - Spain and the Morgan Hill area of California. Poppy Jasper exhibits stones of brick red mingling with shades of brown or black. These beautiful gemstones also often show shades of golden yellows, cream, or white in a single bead.

History of Poppy Jasper :
Jaspers of all types have long been attributed with magical powers in nearly every culture. Jasper was used in Ancient European times to bring rain, and in some Native American cultures the word for jasper also meant "ranin bringer". Jasper was once thought to drive away evil spirits.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Poppy Jasper :
Some spiritualists believe that poppy jasper encourages a deep connection with the earth as well as a sense of where you belong within your community. Some also think that poppy jasper has the qualities of enhancing relaxation, organizational abilities, and a sense of completeness. Some spiritualists believe that poppy jasper is a stone of protection, particularly against snake and spider bites. Some believe that poppy jasper encourages attunement with animals and can help with animal allergies as well as other allergies. Some think that poppy jasper can reduce stress, increase happiness, and bring about a good outlook on life. Physically, some believe that poppy jasper will ward off dehydration and increase physical endurance. Some also belive that poppy jasper can be used to heal liver and stomach infections.

Poppy jasper is believed by some to both protect from nightmares and aid in the recollection of dreams. Some believe that as with all forms of jasper, poppy jasper has the power to end a drought, whether it is a mental drought like writer's block or a fear of failure that holds you back from taking creative chances. Some spiritualists also thing that poppy jasper can strengthen the mind against depression ans negative thoughts while inspiring a positive attitude and increasing self confidence. In addition, some believe poppy jasper will increase independence while helping to avoid mental and physical domination from others.