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About Quartz Crystal (also known as Rock Crystal) :

Where Quartz Crystal is Found : Color of Quartz Crystal :
Within the United States, quartz can be found in Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, California, Colorodo, Georgia, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and West Virginia. Quartz can also be found in Brazil, Madagascar, and the former Soviet Union. Quartz crystal is clear, but many varieties of colored quartz have earned their own names such as amethyst (purple quartz) and citrine (yellow quartz).
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Quartz is considered an alternate birthstone for both March and April. Quartz crystal is not an anniversary gemstone.

History of Quartz Crystal :
The word "quartz" came from the German word "quarz" which has an uncertain origin while the word "crystal" came from the Greek word "krustallos", meaning ice, because it was believed quartz crystals were ice formed by the gods. Clear quartz formed into crystal balls has been used to predict the future and communicate with spirits since at least the middle ages. The Aborigines of Australia used quartz in rain rituals. Ancient Japanese felt quartz represented perfection, believing it was formed by the breath of a white dragon. Atlanteans reportedly made crystal skulls which were believed by some to be living entities. Throughout history, quartz in its many varieties has been used to stand in for more expensive gemstones from diamonds to jade.

Quartz crystal was adopted as the Arkansas state mineral in 1967 and is sometimes called "Arkansas diamonds" or "Hot Springs diamonds." The finer quartz crystals found in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas are pure enough to form synthetic quartz components in computers. Georgia adopted quartz as its state gemstone in 1976.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Quartz Crystal :
Some believe that quartz crystal can purify thoughts and perceptions to make them "crystal clear." Quartz crystal is believed to bring harmony and balance- physically, mentally, and spiritually. Some think quartz can dispel negativity and increase creativity. Quartz is believed by some spiritualists to enhance thoughts, aid with retaining learned information, and help with concentration and studying. This gemstone is thought by some to bring balance which can free the mind from trivial concerns, ward off depression, and help the wearer to meditate on a deeper level.

Physically, quartz is considered by some to be an all purpose healer- helping specifically with detecting food poisoning and ailments including chronic fatigue, bone injuries, intestinal troubles, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. It is also thought to increase stamina, physical strength, and energy.