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About Rainbow Moonstone :

Where Rainbow Moonstone is Found : Color of Rainbow Moonstone :
Within the United States, moonstone is found in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Moonstone can also be found in Brazil, the European Alps, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania, with the highest quality moonstones being found in Sri Lanka. Moonstone can be colorless, white, yellow, green, brown, orange, pink, or grey, but it always has a white or blue sheen. The best moonstone is colorless with a blue sheen. The colored varieties mainly come from India.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Moonstone is considered a birthstone for February, a mystical birthstone for June, an astrological birthstone for the star sign Cancer, and the Ayurvedic birthstone for September. Moonstone is the anniversary gemstone for the 13th year of marriage.

History of Rainbow Moonstone :
Moonstone was named the state gemstone of Florida in 1970 after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic landing on the moon. State legislatures sought to adopt the gemstone because the flight originated at the Kennedy Space center in Florida. Ironically, moonstone can't be found in Florida, nor was it found on the moon. During the Art Nouveau period, moonstone was extremely popular and was used to decorate much of the jewely created by René Lalique. In many cultures, moonstone is regarded as a sacred and magical stone. For example, in India, it is believed to bring sweet dreams and good fortune. Women in Arab countries often wore moonstone sewn into their clothing because the gemstone was considered a symbol of fertility.

Moonstone owes its name to the striking play of light on its surface which changes when the stone is moved. One synonym for moonstone is "adularia" after the feldspar group found in the European Alps near the Adula group. Another is "Selenite" after the Greek moon goddess Selene.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Rainbow Moonstone :
Some believe moonstone can be used to balance a one's yin and yang. This gemstone is thought by some to sooth and balance emotions and evoke calm responses. Called a visionary stone by some, moonstone brings inspiration, strengthens intuition and sensitivity, enhances creativity, allows the wearer to see situations from different angles, and helps one to see things more clearly. It has even been said that moonstone has the power to grant wishes. Some think this stone will build self confidence, enhance compassion, and promote happiness and longevity. It is also thought by some to be a stone of protection- especially for travel at sea, prgenancy, and childbirth.

Considered by some an ideal stone for lovers, moonstone is reputed to bring forth tender feelings, protect true love, support a person's emotional and dreamy tendencies, and increase sensitivity to others. It is said to attract friendship and loyalty to the wearer, encourage personal attachments, help obtain romance, and arouse tender passion.

Physically, moonstone is believed to reduce swelling caused by excess fluid in the body, align vertebrae, and aid with menstrual problems, hormonal issues, obesity, digestive system problems, and pituitary gland ailments.