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About Ryolite (also known as Rhyolite, Rainforest Jasper, and Australian Rainforest Jasper)

Where Ryolite is Found : Color of Ryolite :
Although gem quality ryolite is often from Australia, it is also very common in the southwestern and western areas of the United States. Other occurrences of this gemstone can be found throughout the world. Although some use the terms ryolite and rhyolite interchangeably, the descriptions used for their colors varies greatly. The ryolite used in our jewelry is an opaque mossy green gemstone flecked with tans, browns, and occasional clear spots. The stone referred to as "rhyolite" by geologists is generally described as being grey, brown, or reddish hues.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
A few sources associate ryolite with the sign of Sagittarius. Ryolite is not an anniversary gemstone.

Facts About Ryolite :
The majority of the island of Komodo and its surrounding islands are composed entirely of the volcanic rock known geologically as rhyolite. The word ryolite was derived from the Greek word "rhyx" which translates to streams of lava. Rhyolite is an igneous rock with a high silica content. This gemstone is basically a type of granite, however rhyolite cools from its molten state too quickly for crystals to form as they do in granite. Rhyolite is erupted at temperatures of 700 to 850 degrees Celcius (1292 degrees to 1562 degrees Farenheit)

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Ryolite :
Some believe that ryolite encourages change and creativity. It is said that ryolite can not only resolve feelings of continuous victimization but also increase self-esteem and the capacity to love.

Some feel that ryolite aids in communication, even helping with listening without distorting what is being said. Some spiritualists believe that this gemstone will help people who are solitary and reclusive allow others into their lives. Some wear ryolite to strengthen a loving relationship and even to enhance physical beauty. Some spirtualists believe that ryolite aids in meditation.

It is often stated that ryolite can balance the Yin and Yang (male and female energies) of the person wearing it. Ryolite is known to some spiritualists as a stone of perserverence, resolve, and even protection. Some believe that ryolite will not only help push the wearer forward toward their goals, but also help them face changes that result when those goals are met. Physically, some claim ryolite can be used for a range of things including inducing sleep, cleansing the liver, regeneration, and even general healing.