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About Sodalite

Where Sodalite is Found : Color of Sodalite :
Sodalite can be found in Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Greenland, India, Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, and parts of the United States. Sodalite is a deep opaque blue which often has veins of black, white, yellow, green or violet streaking through it.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Some sources state sodalite is the birthstone for Virgo, while others associate it with the star sign Sagittarius. Sodalite is not an anniversary gemstone.

History of Sodalite :
Sodalite is sometimes called "Princess Blue" after Princess Patricia, the grandaughter of Britain's Queen Victoria. Princess Patricia of Connaught so loved this stone after seeing it in a visit to Ontario, Canada, that she chose it for decorating the Marlborough House in England.
Sodalite is found in Lapis Lazuli which often causes the two stones to be confused. The stone's name comes from its high sodium content.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Sodalite :
Some spiritualists believe that sodalite can help with a range of physical ailments including diabetes and digestions problems. Some also think it can boost the metabolism and help with thyroid problems. It is even believed by some spiritualists to be good for the nervous system and spinal cord. Sodalite is also believed by some to instill confidence and courage. It is also thought to be a soothing stone which can increase sensitivity to others.