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About Tiger Eye :

Where Tiger Eye is Found : Color of Tiger Eye :
The most significant mine for Tiger Eye is found in South Africa. Black with iron oxide staining which causes the characteristic golden brown and yellow stripes.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Tiger Eye is considered a star stone for Gemini. Tiger Eye is the anniversary gemstone for the 9th year of marriage.

History of Tiger Eye :
Tiger Eye was once thought to be all-seeing due to its appearance.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Tiger Eye :
Some believe that Tiger Eye will help focus the mind. Others claim that Tiger Eye will offer protection to travelers. Some spiritualists say that Tiger Eye will enhance will power, integrity, practicality, and even good luck. Some believe Tiger Eye will bring prosperity, usually in the form of money. Some claim Tiger Eye will counteract feelings of hypochondria. Physically, some believe Tiger Eye is good for asthma.