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About Turquoise

Where Turquoise is Found : Color of Turquoise :
Turquoise is found in Iran, Australia, Chile, Mexico, Tibet, New Zealand, and parts of the United States. Turquoise can vary from greenish-blue to sky blue shades.
Birthstone : Anniversary :
Turquoise is the birthstone of December. It is also considered the planetary stone of Aquarius and the astrological birthstone for both Taurus and Sagittarius. Turquoise is the anniversary gemstone for the 5th year of marriage.

History of Turquoise :
Turquoise has been mined since at least 6000 B.C. when it was mined by early Egyptians. Egyptians considered turquoise to be a symbol of rebirth and believed that the Sun God Ra's hair was made of turquoise. Turquoise was also one of the stones inlaid in the mask of King Tutankhamen.

The name "turquoise" comes from a French word which means stone of Turkey, where Persian material passed on its way to Europe. Apaches believed turquoise could be found in the ground at the end of a rainbow. Aztecs offered a death skull inlaid with turquoise to their serpent god, Quetzacoatl. In the thirteenth century, turquoise was believed to protect the wearer from falling, particularly from horses. According to legend, Native Americans believed that if turquoise was affixed to a bow, the arrows shot from it would always hit their mark.

Spiritual and Physical Beliefs About Turquoise :
Some believe that turquoise will grow pale on a sick person and recover its color when it is worn by a healthy person. Some claim that turquoise will help the wearer to start new projects. Some spiritualists believe turquoise has the ability to attract success and prosperity, influence creativity, and enhance communucation. Some believe that turquoise will protect against environmental pollutants. Physically, some claim that turquoise can relieve sore throats, reduce the effects of allergies, and speed the healing process.